Covey's 7 Habits Analysis

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A1: Seven Habits Profile
Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People outlines seven habits which leaders should develop in order to be the most effective leader possible. The seven habits defined in Stephen Covey’s book are:
• Be proactive
• Being with the end in mind
• Put first things first
• Think win-win
• Seek first to understand
• Synergize
• Sharpen the Saw (Covey, 2004)

As I assessed my own skills and habits with the Seven Habits Profile Self-Assessment, I discovered my habits are mostly well-developed while I lack in a few areas.
Habit 1: Be Proactive
Covey describes being proactive as someone who takes responsibility for their own actions and focuses their efforts on things they can control (Covey, 2004). I scored a 15 out of 18 in this area and I feel this is very accurate. I believe I am responsible for my own successes and failures and I am not a victim of circumstance. My
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I look forward to developing my skills in all seven areas.
A2. Evaluate Personal Leadership Style
In evaluating my own personal leadership style, I found that it is not that easy to define a style for one’s self. In order to get an accurate picture of my leadership style, I solicited feedback from work colleagues and subordinates. As I reviewed the feedback I notices several recurring traits were empathy, great listener and encourager. This feedback coupled with my own analysis, I believe, defines my leadership style as Servant Leadership.
As a servant leader I need to make sure I am exhibiting strength in all areas of leadership. In reviewing the characteristics of this leadership style, I found areas where I am strong and areas where I can improve and enhance my skills as a leader.
According to Mazzei (2015) there are nine characteristics of a servant leader.
• Listening
• Empathy

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