Essay on Summary Of Soa 211 Thinking Through Writing

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Manuel Amado
SOA 211 thinking through Writing
Professor Rachel Kulick
February 19, 2016
The roots
We live in a society where race determines how, where and why we live our daily lives the certain way we do. The ideology behind racism is a belief system that a certain race is more dominant then other races in terms of traits, abilities and appearance. Where did this ideology come from? Sociologist Strmic-Pawl Hephzibah, came up with the theory of the white supremacy flower model to teach the origins of racism. The belief system ideology of racism was created by elite white supremacists to hold the inferior minorities/blacks group in check and rule them in whichever way they see fit to. An example of this would be slavery, the holocaust Etc...The elite white supremacists then created a frame around the whites that everything in our system works more towards benefiting them the most. The white racial frame has been groomed into this flower where the white people are color blinded from how this flower has grown from. All the racial oppression it caused, slavery, the genocides of Native Americans and segregation, also the injustice going on today.
Using the theory of the White Supremacy Flower model Strmic explains how this racial was built on and how it still stands on today. The White supremacy flower shows how “racism evolves and revamps” itself. Starting with the roots of the flower, is where lays the history of Europeans in America creating the white racial frame by…

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