Essay about Summary Of ' Silas House 's ' Fake Face '

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There are creatures we select to come into our lives to bring us happiness. Silas House states that if we stop and see what is in front of us we would be happier (House). He also states that if people were more like dogs we wouldn’t have a lot of the issues we have in the world (House). I believe that we have three faces: The face you show your family, the face you show the outside world, and the real you face. The face you show your family is the face that you want to portray yourself as, ‘the good one’, ‘the bad one’, ‘the smart one’ they know you and see you but you don’t tell them everything. The face you show the world is what’s known as the ‘fake face’ the face you put up to make people thing your something you’re not or that you’re better than them. The real you face is the face that you keep to yourself and rarely show. What I believe is that this is what we show our pets. The real us, who we really are. My freshman year of high school my dad’s dog Twinkie was getting very old and he was ready to get a new dog. That’s what we did when my mom’s coworker’s dog had puppies. I did what every normal high school girl did, I got a boyfriend who I thought was the love of my life. Never being in love before I just thought that was how things worked. He was strong, sensitive, and caring. We never really had any issue until graduation came around, he was a senior and I was a freshmen. He broke up with me, I was devistated I couldn’t tell my parents my problem because they…

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