Summary Of ' S ' Pov ' Essay

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I walked into dance class in seen jongup stretching. I go and join him, I am happy to see that he is here today. " hey are you feeling any better." He looked over at me surprised." Hey what 's up I did not see you there zelo. Yeah I feel way better today. I felt better yesterday but I was really tired so I just slept. " eunhyuk walked in and class started. He decided to pit us in pairs and have us come up with our own dances. Jongup grabbed me as soon as he said pick a someone to work with. " zelo I can see that some of the others has there eyes on you. I will not share you are all mine." He said while hugging me he kept saying he was not going to let me go. We ended up bursting out laughing. Eunhyuk yelled at us to get working on our dance. We started throwing out ideas and trying out different moves. By the time class was over I was tired. I did not even want to go shower or even walk home. I just want to sit down and never move again. " come on zelo you don 't want to smell for the whole day now do you?" Jongup started dragged me into the showers. Jongup was extra playful today. When we were done he hurry and got dressed hit me than ran away. Laughing I got dressed really fast grabbed our stuff and ran after him. When I got outside I was surprised to see that he was talking to guk. I walk over to them give jongup his stuff. " hey zelo what 's up. I heard that you guys had dance class today. So I figured I would come by and say hi. Also since I was not…

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