Summary Of Room 303 By Mr. Mcgee Essay examples

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In room 303, Mr. McGee loves to keep you busy, challenging you to every extent. This year, I have been successful in many ways, and also learned more about myself in which way I learn, how I study, and how I attain knowledge. Every Tuesday or Wednesday of every week, we had what was called a “packet” due. Which contained numerous annotations followed by an essay, held together with a cover sheet. I turned in every packet, the day it was due, start to finish. By doing so, it wasn’t always easy and I could have done many things differently to improve my grade. I was very lenient if I wanted to take the 1020 class with Mr. McGee. I heard from my older peers that it was madness, stressful, and time consuming. With sports, I didn’t know if I had that much time, was scared I’d fall behind, and wasn’t sure if I wanted to be that committed to a class. After all the hours spent writing essays, reading poems, and doing annotations, I have concluded that it was great choice to take that certain course. I learned more than I ever have in an English class, and it was a privilege to be taught by Mr. McGee. In room 303, I did countless things well, I also could have done others differently or better, and I have goals to improve.
To begin, throughout my senior year I have improved in the three key areas of reading, writing, and organization. In reading I have improved in comprehending the text better. For example, when we were studying the poems, I have improved in being able to slow…

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