Summary Of ' Rescued From Certain Death ' Essays

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Rescued from certain death by her own gentle giant, Samantha Harding must soon decide what is more important – the independence she has worked so hard to build or the mystery man who appeared in her hour of desperate need.
Wind, rain, and mud – what happened? When did the world change from a softly beautiful morning, perfect for a walk, into this nightmare? And me! I know not to step off of marked trails. How did I get so lost?
So goes my mind in endless circles as I trip over hidden roots, slide down suddenly appearing rivers of mud, and fight through bushes sharp with thorns. With the wind and lightning getting more violent by the moment, forget finding my way back to the cabin; I just want something to hide under where I can wait out the storm! Surely I can get home once the storm ends.
Samantha’s next step was her last. Driving sheets of rain prevented her from seeing the edge of the cliff. As the soaked earth slid from beneath her boot she was suddenly weightless; falling. A scream tore through her throat.
Her fall ended abruptly eight feet down on a short, rock ledge which held Sam’s weight but left her injured and unconscious; at the mercy of the storm.
Sam started up on a wave of searing pain. “Hold still”, said a calm, deep, voice. A voice Sam could hear despite the wind and thunder. A large hand, holding her shoulder, gently urged her to lie back down. “I need to see where you are injured”.
The voice reached through the pain and soothed her. Her eyes…

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