Summary Of Reading Through Western Eyes By Christopher L. Miller

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The approach that we choose to study African Literature enables us to make consideration between the complex realities of African literature. In the article Reading Through Western Eyes by Christopher L. Miller, the author describes much about how Westerners read African literature from their culture perspective; since most Westerners don’t really know the culture they read what the western scholars critique. In order to critique and better understand African literature, the following paragraphs will be focusing on some major approaches such as those of anthropologists, famous African writers, and much of Francophone ideas in order to inform readers with some viewpoints on African critics and the backgrounds on literature. It is also important for us to understand and really look at African literature from the African point of view instead of from the single story that we heard or read from most of Western writers.
One of Hountondji’s main ideas on how Westerner creates a criticism of African literature based on African literary text has become a part of a system in Western. His idea shows how the division of labor has been unequal between Western society and the African creation. Many readers believe what is written in the text; rather they don’t have knowledge of what’s happening in the African Literature society. Nevertheless, the article was mainly based on what the author’s belief and other’s peoples opinion of Western literature; according to what Milller’s article of…

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