Summary Of Project Nim And The Paw Project

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Animal abuse and cruelty is almost always a fiery topic to bring up. The documentaries Project Nim and The Paw Project are very different in their approach to how best show animal treatment and what is best. The similarity is that both show and prove we cant just take creatures away from their innate lives. They are born to be and do what they do regardless if humans exist or not. Project Nim is the story of a chimpanzee that was taken from his mother days, if not hours after being born. He was then raised by a very outlandish family and tried to be taught sign language. He was truly babied there. The whole point of taking him so soon was to raise him human as much as possible and it was getting to the point where there was no structure at …show more content…
Why let just one cat be set out of its misery? She continued on helping out the large cats and then came to a realization. Millions of cats in America are declawed, they are being put through so much pain for their owners benefits, and when their behaviors change due to declawing they are kicked out. That’s when she started the initiative of The Paw Project.
She gathered more veterinarians and created a force that would fight for these little cats that couldn’t fight for themselves. Conrad is from California so she started there. A quest to persuade officials in nine different cities how inhumane it was that America has yet to put a ban on this million dollar industry. We are one of the last countries to not have a law against harming cats by way of onychectomy, nail removal. Many vets fight what Conrad is doing because it gets them so much money; “it makes him between $75,000 and $80,000 a year.”
This documentary wasn’t just the story being told. It was real life, actual footage of what happens during both the declawing and the fixing of cats. We saw the blood and displeasure of the cats. We also saw the court and counsel cases Conrad had and how they all worked out. She was involved in getting a bill through the California legislature that prohibits landlords from requiring that renters' cats be declawed or that dogs be debarked as a condition of occupancy. Most viewed this new law as some zany way of putting animals
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There is no beating around the bush with this documentary; they are straight forward and show exactly what the purpose is. We hear from veterinarians who once performed the procedure of onychectomy and have since realized how degrading it is. We see the process of taking this to court and fighting for those who have no voice in the situation. We also see what actually goes on during this procedure. There aren’t just people discussing how tragic it is and how much pain the cats go through; all of it is recorded for us. Everything is clearly displayed for us as to why we should stop declawing our beloved

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