Pride Against Prejudice Larry Doby Summary

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Book Review – Pride Against Prejudice: The Biography of Larry Doby
By Joseph Thomas Moore, Greenwood Press, Inc.: New York, 1988. 195 Pages.
Reviewed by Zachary Sligh
Larry Doby was a man that went through many harsh experiences growing up, this is best described in his years playing baseball written in a book by Joseph Moore. This is a story that goes through all the times Larry had as a child all the way up to his years of Major League Baseball and even later in life as he gets inducted to the Hall of Fame. The author’s purpose of this book is to show that Jackie Robinson didn’t go through breaking the color barrier alone, Larry broke the barrier in the American League just 11 weeks after Jackie broke the National League barrier. This book is described in great detail and proves how hard it was for an African American to play in Major League Baseball during the time that Larry did. When reading this book you don’t just get the sense of how hard baseball was for Larry Doby, but you also see how history plays a role. Larry Doby in this book is spoken about how he was a part of a family who experienced slavery for many years. Also describing how Larry was a man that was a part of the Navy during the time that America was in the battle of WWII. During the year of 1947, this was when Jackie Robinson
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This was a story that helps you identify that the color barrier was a strong situation at the time that Larry Doby played baseball. With this book you can relate that Larry Doby is a man that should be just as well remembered as Jackie Robinson is. The book to me meant a lot in a way that I had never heard of Larry Doby. Now it is something that I can relate to in many cases when I hear the name Jackie Robinson because to me there were two men that broke the barrier not just

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