Essay on Summary Of ' Owls ' By Mary Oliver

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Mary Oliver is overwhelmed and in awe with the beauty of nature and conveys this through the passage “Owls” with apprehensive diction and first person perspective making the reader feel like they are right alongside her as she makes observations about the wild owls, their prey, and the peaceful flowers she sees. This apprehension is added to through the reverence Mary seems to have for the owls and the fear conveyed through that reverence in the first three quarters of the passage. In the diction throughout the passage are numerous references to the direction of the things around Mary, for example: the falling bark, swift and merciless great horn owls swooping down to catch their prey, owls soaring up into the sky overhead, and the song of the screeching owls drifting through the trees. These verbs and directions create the setting in the reader’s mind and make them feel as though they are alongside the author waiting for the plot to unfold. The scene described is one in nature, in the still quiet, and everyone knows that quiet can only last for so long so there is a sense of apprehension and desire for action to strike. The first person’s perspective details, and descriptions create, a storyline of sorts which draws the reader into what Mary is saying. It also allows the reader to feel included in the thought process Mrs. Oliver lies out.
In addition to apprehensive, storyline-similar diction, Mary also uses figurative language with the metaphor of ‘owls’ and ‘roses.’ We…

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