Summary Of ' Original Writing ' Essay

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They were having breakfast with Roe the next morning when there was a knock at the door.

Pushing away from the table, Bass quickly wiped his mouth, tossing his napkin on the table. Kissing Roe on the head and brushing Charlie’s cheek, he picked up his sword and gun.

“It may be late when I get back. Don’t worry about holding dinner or bedtime for me. Blanchard 's full of hot air.” he said with a wink, opening the door and nodding to the man standing there.

“I remember,” Charlie said softly as the door closed behind him.


“So, how’s that extended vacation been treating you?” Frank asked with a grin as Bass walked into his office.

“Real good, Frank. Thanks for asking,” Bass responded, shaking the man’s hand.

“So I hear. Got ya a misses and a little boy, the whole enchilada.” Frank replied, taking a puff of his cigar as he sat back down in his chair, motioning for Bass to do the same.

“If you know all that, then you know the why of it as well, Frank. I had to protect her. There wasn’t a choice.”

Frank nodded his head in understanding, “She still doesn’t remember a thing?”

Bass shrugged, mildly aggravated at the question, “I think seeing her Grandpa triggered some things. It’s not something she’s ready to talk about though, and nothing that’s sent her screaming for the hills.”

Frank chuckled, “Doesn’t realize she’s married to the of Scourge of Scranton, eh?”

Bass’ face went blank as he clenched his jaw, “That was a long time ago, Frank. I’m a different…

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