Summary Of ' On The Education Of Children ' Essay

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Montaigne essay “On the Education of Children” brings to light a new way at looking at the way one would educate a child. Yet, the question still stands; is today’s modern style of educating children changed for the better since Montaigne was alive? During Montaigne’s days education focused heavy on rhetoric on learning to speak a certain or remember a fact only to be able to show off that you remembered it. For example “but not in the fashion of our French nobles, simply to report on the length of Pantheon, or the sumptuousness of Signora Livia’s drawers” (Frampton pg. 138). Montaigne’s idea on education though was that everything the student learns should be used to help the child form judgement. That lessons should focus on a moral understanding, then just the facts. As a student myself I have to agree with parts of Montaigne’s idea. I’ve always felt that the purpose of education was to inspire a child to want to learn. To take what they learn and use it to help better the world. I have seen this myself with every child that come out on a Safari tour at Busch Gardens. There is this reaction that look of aww when they feed a Giraffe or see a Rhino for that first time. I believe that Montaigne would agree with this too, that education is supposed to inspire children to learn. Then take what they have learned and be able to develop their own way of processing and working through problems. That through this children would be able to form judgement and use this judgment make…

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