Summary Of O Brien's Down With Big Brother

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Winston smith purchases this diary, which in this place is forbidden, and he writes the words, “Down with Big Brother”, which is a crime in this Oceania, and hides it from the telescreen, which is Oceania security system at this time. A telescreen is what the guards of Oceania use to make sure everyone is being a good citizen.
Winston begins a relationship with Julia, another main character of the story, and do very illegal things with each other. After some time, they fall in love.
Winston and Julia consider joining the Brotherhood, a secret organization run by Emmanuel Goldstein, who is public enemy number one. They meet each other for lovemaking and conversation at a room above the store where Winston has purchased his diary, which is owned by Mr.Charrington. Emmanuel’s main purpose is to overthrow Big Brother. After a bit, O’Brien asks Winston if he would like to join the Brotherhood, and offer Goldstein's book that contains strategies on how to destroy Big Brother.
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While they have been lovemaking and conversing, Mr.Charrington, a member of the Thought Police, has been listening and watching. Both of them are separated and tortured. Winstons is taken to room 101 where he is broken with his greatest fear, being gnawed by rats. After his terror, O’Brien works on Winston until he becomes brainwashed, for example, agreeing that two plus two is five.
Winston and Julia are released. Winston, after losing his emotions, now waits for when he gets shot. He spends his final days at the same cafe. One day he sees Julia again, and she feels he betrayed her. Winston doesn’t care, and he watches the telescreen at the cafe and cries because now the struggle is finished and he loved big

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