Summary Of ' Night ' By Elie Wiesel Essay examples

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In Elie Wiesels life changing memoir “Night” he travels the path of hate, cruelty, and silence. He then recounts his life in the concentration camps, as a young boy named Eliezer, describing his experiences that shaped him into the person he is today. Sharing with the reader his tragic experiences, and all the feelings he had to hold in during the atrocious time of the Holocaust. For feelings were not something to be defined in the camps, in order to survive feelings were not an option. During the Holocaust Eliezer will get a new perspective on death, and is then tested in his faith with God. For how many awful sightings can someone witness until they start questioning their belief? And how many sightings of death can change someones overall perspective?

“I no longer accepted God’s silence (69).” In his path with God, Eliezer, due to all the hardships he encountered in the camp, and after everything he’s seen, is now in a rough patch with God. The horrific images that run through Eliezer’s mind, such as, the hanging of Pipel, and people dying all around him made him no longer accept God just standing there doing nothing. What Eliezer will soon find out, however, is it seems as if God is just standing there, but his plan is just being fulfilled. Yet, Eliezer might not see that at some points during his time in the camps because of all the horrendous images repeatedly running through his mind. For how many awful sightings can someone witness, and still have the mindset that…

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