My Life After Graduation

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The following is summary of my life after graduation. Right after graduating in 1963 John Callahan (Geibel High School class of 63) and I enlisted in the US Air Force. On the August 20th 1963 we left Connellsville for Lackland Airforce Base in Antonio TX for basic training. He and I ended up spending some of the hottest months of the year in Texas. I can still remember getting off the airplane in San Antonio at 3 AM and being shocked at the heat and humidity (~85 degrees). After our twelve weeks of basic training at Lackland we graduated and John and I went our separate ways. He headed to aircraft electronics school at Keesler Air Force base in Mississippi and I headed to Lowry Technical Training Center at Lowery Air Force Base in Denver Colorado …show more content…
Once again, we sold our home, packed our belongings and headed east to Chanute Air Force Base in Rantoul, Illinois. This new assignment would turn out to be the shortest assignment of my twenty years. I had not been at Chanute for quite a year when I was notified that I would be reassigned again. In early 1973 we once again sold, our home packed our belongings and headed east to a new assignment. This time it was off to RAF Upper Heyford in the United Kingdom to maintain F-111 automated avionics test equipment. It was right after we got there that we added a daughter to the family. She was born in Oxford maternity hospital Oxfordshire England in May 1974; To this day, she still holds dual citizenship as a United Kingdom and US citizen.
It took some time to get use to driving a right hand drive car on the wrong side of the street. I had several exciting drive the first few weeks after arrival. It seemed strange to celebrate the American Bicentennial while living in the country we went to war with during the American Revolution! In late September 1977 when my overseas tour was complete, I received orders to report to the Strategic Air Command’s 509th Bomb Wing at Pease Air Force Base New Hampshire. The assignment I was to maintain FB-111 automated avionics test
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I retired from L-3 Communications (Litton Electron Devices Division sold to Northrop Grumman and eventually sold it to L-3 Communications) at the end of June 2008 after 25 years. My elderly parents have long since passed and I married a lovely local woman and so here, my roots have

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