Essay on Summary Of My Life After Graduation

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The following is summary of my life after graduation. Right after graduating in 1963 John Callahan (Geibel High School class of 63) and I enlisted in the US Air Force. On the August 20th 1963 we left Connellsville for Lackland Airforce Base in Antonio TX for basic training. He and I ended up spending some of the hottest months of the year in Texas. I can still remember getting off the airplane in San Antonio at 3 AM and being shocked at the heat and humidity (~85 degrees). After our twelve weeks of basic training at Lackland we graduated and John and I went our separate ways. He headed to aircraft electronics school at Keesler Air Force base in Mississippi and I headed to Lowry Technical Training Center at Lowery Air Force Base in Denver Colorado for missile electronics school. My timing again was never better. Once again, I would be subjected to weather extremes. This time it was the winter of 1964 in Colorado. Spending the winter in Colorado was a shock to this PA boy. After completing the basic electronics course, I was transferred to the 4504th Missile Training Wing at Orlando Air Force Base, Florida to attend the TM-76A Mace guided missile maintenance program. It was during this time period that I got married to my first wife. After graduation in late 1964 from the maintenance course, I was assigned overseas to the 586th Missile Maintenance Squadron at Hahn Air Base, Germany. It was an interesting experience residing among the local population for two years. In October…

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