Essay about Summary Of ' My Host Teacher '

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Retell stories, including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

SWBAT help tell the story by remembering key details of the story from the previous day. - I can help tell stories I already know

Students act out parts of the story both when prompted and when primed to responded after being taught a motion - Howling of the wind - Swishing of the trees - Hot and tired - Asleep on the cot
Students will be asked to remember key elements from a cursory overview of the story presented the previous day.
The purpose of this lesson was twofold - one, to have the students practice recalling information from the story (which was previously read) and two, to have fun with texts by adding a dramatic element to the reading. Luckily, the common core state standard being focused on this week in the school’s curriculum focused on retelling stories which fit nicely in with some of the concepts behind shared reading. My host teacher is also a big proponent of “drama readings” of texts and so taught in various ways to help engage the students in the reading of the text. We are reading this book, Tomas and the Library Lady, all week and this lesson represents the second of approximately five shared reading based on this reading. Additionally, while not an active part…

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