Summary Of ' Meet The Parents Who Won 't Let Their Children Study Literature `` By Steven Pearlstein

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A One-Sided Commentary on the Benefits of Liberal Arts
The Washington Post published an article on September 2, 2016 entitled, “Meet the parents who won’t let their children study literature,” written by Steven Pearlstein. This article talks about how parents guide their children from the liberal arts to pre-professional majors, such as engineering, business, or science. To better understand Pearlstein’s article, readers can view the essay, “Writing Projects: Summary and Analysis,” by Dr. Celena Kusch and Dr. Peter Caster. The issues that Pearlstein proposes is better analized because of the essay’s information on how to evaluate texts. Pearlstein realizes how important this issue is after assigning a biography of Andrew Carnegie for his students at George Mason University. He is surprised that many of his students are happy to read an eight hundred page biography even though they are not majoring in liberal arts. Moreover, he comes to find out that the parents of his students, as well as other influential sources, swayed them against taking liberal arts courses. Although Pearlstein claims that a liberal arts education provides many opportunities with great outcomes, parents persuade their children into persuing degrees away from liberal arts which he argues against; Pearlstein provides the benefits of a liberal arts degree, but only shows the positive aspects instead of providing all the necessary facts. Kusch and Caster explain that “Summary identifies the main points of…

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