Summary Of ' Me And Earl And The Dying Girl ' Essay

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In the novel “Me And Earl And The Dying Girl” the setting takes place in a few places but mainly in the school. Where Greg, The main character tells us about the different cliques he hangs out with throughout his senor year. Also How he goes almost every day to Another main character Rachel’s room, A girl who has been diagnosed with leukemia and has been a old friend of Greg’s in the past. Last the hospital where Rachel is in part of the book getting her treatments, and Greg visiting her where he tries to cheer her up. (under the moms command)


A boy named Greg who is the one talking in the story about his life and how it is changing throughout his senior year because of a old friend of his named Rachel , who has just been diagnosed with cancer and his mother is making him go spend time with her throughout her struggle. He talks about how he tries to cheer her up along with his best friend, Earl. Who lives in a very dysfunctional house with his brothers and drunk of a mother. Greg explains how him and Earl create films. Very bad films which they only create themselves out of boredom. Also very top secret films who they swore to never show anyone until they made a 5/5 stars film which was very far from happening. One day Earl tells Rachel about their films and shows her a few. She very much enjoys them and that’s how they all form a very close relationship. Through out the book Greg talks about how he doesn’t feel a connection and how it would never…

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