Summary Of ' Making You King Essay

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“I was brought back to correct a mistake.”
“A mistake?” a shaken King Robert repeats.
“Making you King,” he proclaims. “Gabriel understood everything that I spoke of. I should have chosen him, to carry on my family’s name, versus handing the reign to a deserter.” He moves closer to him, to the point, the king can feel his authority through his stance. “Gabriel was the better choice. I pray…he’ll right my wrong, and succeed to the throne.”
“You always favored him over me. Why? Is it because he is magical? Was it because he never defied you? If you felt he was a better leader than I am, then why did you make me King? Why did you give me the throne?”
“It was your uncle’s doing. He never wanted Gabriel to be King. He needed someone he could easily manipulate. A spineless, impotent boy, whose heart isn’t brave enough to sit upon my throne.”
“Enough, you vile being!” the king snaps. “How is it even in death, you’re still the bane of my existence.” He takes a step back, leaving a small gap in-between them. “I try everything to earn your approval, but I could never win in your eyes.”
“I’m not the one that broke this family by choosing another.”
“This family has been broken since the day mother died when you abandon us!”
His father’s frosty, steely, green eyes are piercing through his, as if he was staring directly into King Robert’s soul. “I never abandon you nor any of my children. You, stop being my son, and allow another to take my place. And because of his counsel, my…

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