Essay about Summary Of ' Levine V. M. S. Wright 's ' The Sisters '

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Levine v. Mcgrath
Against For
She could stay with her sister It is what Sarah wanted She could see her school friends and grow up in the same neighbourhood she had before
2. Separating the sisters was not the main concern in this case as Sarah wanted to move herself, and they would still be able to see each other on alternating weekends if they wished to.
3. I believe the father’s application succeeded as he was in a stable financial position, Sarah grew up in the neighbourhood he lived in (all her friends lived there), and most of all, Sarah wanted to move in with him.
4. I agree with the court’s decision, as from what the case details it seems like both parents are competent, and if Sarah lives with her dad she doesn’t have to adapt to completely new surroundings.
Van de Perre v. Edwards
1. The trial judge and the Supreme Court awarded custody to Elijah’s mother because Theodore Edwards already had a wife and two children. It would be hard for the two daughters to adapt to having a younger brother “out of nowhere”.
For Against
A child should grow up with the culture of their parents and nurture their identity, and in Elijah’s case he identifies as black. With Edwards they will be able to help him understand their culture and deal with any discrimination he may face. With Van de Perre he will not get any such help as she Elijah shares the culture and identity of both his parents, not just Edwards. His race alone, disregarding culture, should not play a part in…

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