Summary Of Korean Economist And Educator Seungje Ko

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Korean Economist and Educator SeungJe Ko (1916~1995).

He was born in 1916 in Hamgyeong province and he graduated Samho elementary school and Hamhung agriculture high school. He was influenced by his father who studied modern sciences and his father always said that you should be studied in a stronger country than Korea to his son Seungje Ko. So, after he graduated high school, he went to Japan to study English and economics. In 1940, he graduated Ritko University with the Faculty of Economics and in 1942, he served in the Yamasaki economic laboratory. After that, from 1943 to 1945, he move to Doyo laboratory in order to study UK and US economy. While he was in the laboratories, he translated scientific books about economics. In 1950, he went
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Mainly he taught principles of economics, modern economics, Korea economics, and economic history of Korea. In 1954 April, he was elected to the academy members. In 1961, he went to US and became a research professor of Columbia University and Chicago University. Then, in 1973, he served as KDI(Korea Development Institute) president, executive dean of Hanyang University in 1979, and president of economics in 1981. His award winning careers are Dongbaekjang national medal, Chungjo medal, Dasan prize in economics, Seoul cultural award, Academy award writing, and Sejong culture prize. In addition, he wrote many books which is <Introduction of Economics>(1954), <Politics and Economics> (1954), <Modern Korea Economics>(1956), <Modern Korea Industry>(1959), <Modern Economics>(1970), <Colonial Monetary …show more content…
After reading his completion, I have yet to participate in more economical events, then before to improve my understanding of the economy. South Korea has been through many negative breakdowns, which harmed our citizens to be in danger. While Seung-Jae Ko traveled and studied in a much different variety of countries, he greatly influenced me to come overseas to America and learn about economical values. When I was studying in Korea, I never considered about some serious economic issues that our country faced with. After adapting deep description about the term economy, I was finally able to catch important key factors about the meaning of economy. I came to the realization that due to a severe breakdown from Japan invading our country, we have lost many civilians, bankruptcy, and extensive

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