Summary Of ' Just And Unjust Peace ' By Daniel Philpott Essay

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Charlotte Leis
Political Reconciliation In his book, Just and Unjust Peace, Daniel Philpott argues that “reconciliation is the restoration of right relationship” and that political reconciliation “concerns the right relationship within the political realm — where the goal is respected citizenship defined by human rights, the rule of law within political communities, and respect for international law between political communities.” (Philpott, pg. 58). His idea of the “right relationship”, however, relies in part on the traditions of Abrahamic religions. A more general, secular definition of political reconciliation comes from combining the ideas of Laura Graham and David Bloomfield: political reconciliation is a “forward-looking and backward-looking” process that tries to find a way for “former enemies” to “coexist” (Graham; Bloomfield, pg. 12). Political reconciliation does not ignore the past for the sake of the future, but instead examines it in order to find a way for the future to be more peaceful. Political reconciliation grows out of the idea of restorative justice. As such, the methods that work towards achieving political reconciliation also work more generally towards achieving justice. Political reconciliation is dependent upon justice, and the practices of acknowledgment and building socially just intuitions are both necessary for political reconciliation, and thus for creating a peaceful and just society.
One of the most important methods that works towards…

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