Summary Of ' Incident ' By Countee Cullen Essay

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Lesson Learned Walking into Salina Central high school in September of 2011 as a little freshman. Walking into a whole new world, an entirely new chapter in my life, little did I know I was going to learn one hard lesson that would affect my entire point of view on people. Countee Cullen wrote the short story "Incident" which is about a little boy that only remembers one thing from being in Baltimore for months. Only remembering that someone called him a "Nigger" at only eight years old. This is how I learned that people can change your whole life, for the better or the worst. Freshman year was a crazy year switching from middle school to high school. Four years that could completely flip your entire life around. Walking into high school with a "Heart-filled, head-filled with glee" just like the little black boy walking around Baltimore. How my best friend showed me that people can change. She had been the first friend I made from moving schools in sixth grade. We had a connection that I 've never felt with anyone else before. We didn 't even have one single class together of all the three years we spent in middle school. We still managed to be best friends hanging out with each other every weekend and if sometimes allowed on the weekdays. Finally, we had our first class together starting our freshman year together. We went to our first homecoming together and had the times of our lives.
We sat right next to each other in theater class walking towards the desk she says…

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