Summary Of ' I 'm Fine ' Lawrence ' Essay examples

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Teddy sighed as Sacagawea sat back, blowing out her candle.
“You must be more careful.” She warned him. “I do not like seeing you injured like this.”
“I shall do my best to avoid this in the future then, my dear.” He vowed as he climbed to his feet. The young woman gathered her tools, before gracefully rising as well. As she spotted Larry, she nodded gently in his direction.
“You had best speak with our friend- he looks troubled.” She murmured. Teddy smiled softly at her, gently touching her arm before stepping back. “Thank you for your assistance, my dear.” He tipped his hat with a wink, before turning and moving to join the night guard who was looking him up and down, searching for a sign of an injury.
“I’m fine, Lawrence.” He assured his young friend. He couldn’t help noticing that Larry seemed tired, and he didn’t miss the flicker of worry in his eyes.
“Perhaps we should move somewhere private.” He suggested, before Larry could speak. The Night Guard nodded.
“Yer, I think that’s a good idea - let’s go to the break room.” He agreed, waving for Sacagawea to join them.
Nobody spoke as they made the short journey to the break room. When they arrived, Larry motioned for the others to sit down while he leaned back against the counter.
“Whatever you wish to say dear boy, I suggest you get right to it.” Teddy declared, taking a seat. “Sunrise is almost upon us.” Larry sighed, running a hand through his hair.
“Something’s up with Ahk.” He began. Sacagawea and Teddy shared a…

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