Essay on Summary Of ' I Want A Wife '

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To be a wife; to want a wife Judy Brady lists the responsibilities of the typical wife in the 1970’s. Brady the author of “I Want a Wife,” shares her frustrations in a sarcastic, sassy tone. The author talks about her experiences of being a wife and mother, expressing the underappreciated duties, which leads her to mention “who wouldn’t want a wife?” Throughout the author explains the simplicity of a man’s life in the 70’s, the essay illustrates the tasks large and small, as a wife maintains a successful household. “I want a wife to keep track of the children 's doctor and dentist appointments along with mine too. I want a wife to make sure my children eat properly and are kept clean” (Brady, 1993). Being responsible for cooking all meals to cleaning up after them. Making sure the kids get to school on time, leaving in clean clothes that are mended and tailored properly. When the children are young, arranging playdates and cleaning up after hosting them. Taking them to social events, giving them plenty of opportunities make new friends and have a social life with their peers. The wife having adequate sewing skills along with some creativity, if costumes for Halloween so they can participate in trick-or-treating around the neighborhood or outfits for school plays are needed. A wife who keeps the floors swept, furniture dusted and tidy rooms with clean sheets on the beds. Despite doing all these things, inequality still can show its ugly face from time to time. Subtlety in…

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