Summary Of ' I Don 't Tell Your Dad And I Met ' Essay examples

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Rylee spent so much time trying to figure out what was wrong with her and why a guy couldn 't love her for what she was, and not what she had. She had always believed you needed love to be happy.

"Mommy, am I pretty?" I walked into the kitchen where my mom was fixing dinner.

"You are beautiful. Why do you ask?" my mom, Sabrina, stopped what she was doing and looked at me with concern-filled eyes.

"Sometimes I feel like all guys want from me is sex." I noticed my mom 's change in expression, "They don 't actually get any, I 'm a virgin."

Sabrina let out the breath she had been holding. "Well, honey, any guy on this planet would be lucky to have you. Have I ever told you the story of how your dad and I met?"

"I don 't remember if you 've told me the full story, only that you met through school." I sat down at the table while mom went back to cooking.

My dad was currently in his hometown, in California, visiting his parents. I stayed home because I had school to worry about--even though I had a week off, I still had studying to do for an upcoming exam--and mom stayed home because she wanted to take care of me.

I 'm currently in my freshman year of college, and since I lived fifteen minutes from the campus, I can still stay at home with my parents.

"We were both in school, but in two completely different schools. I was living here, in North Carolina, and he lived in California. We were assigned a pen pal project in school and my assigned…

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