Essay on Summary Of ' I Don 't Know '

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Amelia curled her hand into a fist and set her chin on it, looking Carla straight in the eye, "I just don 't think I can be with him anymore." "Give him a chance." "There are just too many things about him that are odd." Carla took another sip of her tea and glanced around the restaurant, "Amelia, he is trying. He is really trying. He loves you. I konw that. He 's told me so. He would do anything for you. Give him a chance." "I don 't know, Carla." They were silent for a moment. "We 'll see," Amelia said, "We 're going up to my sisters tonight for the weekend. We 'll see how it goes. How 's that?" "Fair enough," Carla answered, without meeting her eyes.

It was Ronnie that almost saved her. He walked into Dianna and David 's yard like he owned the place. He looked right at her and that was it. Amelia looked at him, he looked at her; and then Conner put his hands around her throat and pulled her back towards him. Amelia glanced at Diana and noted she saw the exchange as well. Amelia couldn 't keep her eyes off of Ronnie. He was a big man, with pale green eyes that rarely left Amelia 's. Conversation flowed around them like a brook trickeling over stones. Amelia tried to stay focused and participate but Ronnie 's eyes seemed to burn into hers. The animal magnetism between them was so strong that even the pressure Conner was applying to her shoulders couldn 't. A week later the phone rang. Amelia picked it up expecting Conner and said,…

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