Summary Of ' I Don 't Care If You 're Busy Tonight Essay examples

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"Petra I honestly don 't care if you 're busy tonight!" Levi growled into his cell phone "You promised that you would take Micah this weekend. I have to fucking work. Take responsibility-"
He listened for a moment before snarling and shoving his phone in his pocket.
His son looked up at him with wide eyes. Levi sighed.
"Hey, Mi." He said softly, crouching down to his son 's height.
"Mommy isn 't coming is she?" Micah asked quietly, hearing the sadness in his child 's voice, Levi wanted to strangle Petra. Instead he brought Micah into a hug. "No she 's not. I 'm so sorry buddy." Levi said softly, wrapping his arms around the four year old. Micah stood still for a moment before returning his father 's hug.
Levi felt the tears on his neck and his heart broke. His son was his entire world, so Levi didn 't want him to be upset.
"Don 't worry Mi. We are gonna have so much fun!" Levi checked him watch "But right now, we have to get ready for bed." He finished, picking Micah up and carrying him to the bathroom.
They began their Friday night routine.
First was the bath.
Levi ran the warm water into the tub and added the banana scented bubbles that Micah loves. Micah stood next to his father while his bath was drawn. He giggled as Levi picked him up and put him in the bath. Micah sat in the tub with bubbles all over his face. Levi sat back and clicked his tongue at Micah. "Micah, c 'mon bath time isn 't play time!" He said, laughing at the bubble beard Micah made. Levi turned…

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