Summary Of Homer 's ' The House Of Odysseus ' Essay

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Book 1: What went on in the house of Odysseus?

1. Where is Odysseus?
Odysseus was exiled for twenty years from Ithica, but he returned home from the Island of Ogygia with Calypso (1.1).

2. What or whom is Athena disguised as? Athena is disguised as Odysseus ' old friend and male traveler, "Mentes" (1.7).

3. Why do Telemachos and his mother need Odysseus?
Telemachus and his mother need Odysseus to preserve Odysseus ' estate (1.9).

4. Why does Odyssleus ' wife have suitors?
They invaded Odysseus ' home and used most of his property while trying to marry his wife, Penelopeia (1.9).

5 What does Athena advise Telemachos to do?
Athena advised Telemachus to bring together the suitors and announce their banishment from his father’s estate (1.11).

Book 2: How the council met in the market - place of Ithaca; and what came of it.

1. Describe the trick that Penelopeia plays on her suitors. Penelopeia knows that she might be forced to marry one of her suitors, so she promised to marry a suitor after she wove a shroud. But, the trick was that she actually kept unweaving the shroud (2.17).

2. What specifically does Athena to do help Telemachus in this book?
Athena encourages him to keep going and that his work would pay off. She then went into the town and, assuming the disguise of Telemachus himself, gathered a loyal crew to run his ship (26).

Book 3: What happened in Sandy Pylos?

1. What is Nestor 's opinion of Odysseus '?
Nestor says, “Odysseus can only pray…

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