Summary Of ' Here Sits A Woman ' Essay

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Here sits a woman. A woman you are all familiar with. A woman who has, beyond a doubt, lived a Godly life. A woman familiar with the daily struggles of raising a family. Familiar with the strains of living on a farm. Struggles that; in many ways, unites Salem. Yet here this woman sits before her town, awaiting the decision on her life.

This decision not only affects this woman however. No, this affects many more. Her own children, who have already seen the life fade out of their father’s eyes as the rope tightens against his neck. They have seen the figure of their mother fading away as she sits in a dark prison. They have already lost the fatherly figure of strength and hard work. Must they lose the figure of love and kindness as well? These children will grow up lost, and will likely struggle in a world without their parents. All of them will grow up with anger and resentment towards a world that took the life of their parents. A world that cruelly ignored the facts, and pushed aside their common sense and humanity, and for what? What good could possibly come out of hanging this woman? Is it really just, to curse these children’s lives? Is this what we call justice? Hanging a woman and cursing her family with no real evidence of her guilt? What would this accomplish? Would it truly make Salem a more Godly place? Or would it call the Devil to cast his presence in this town?

They will grow up in a world where fear caused the life of their parents to be taken from this…

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