Mr Jones Influence On Animal Farm

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Mr. Jones owned the Manor Farm Mr. Major the middle white boar called all the farm animals to a meeting. He wanted to discuss the strange dream he had the night before. Just before he told them the dream he wanted them to know that they were being treated badly by humans and they were only there to be food or to provide foods for the humans. As soon as they could not be used they will be gotten rid of. Mr. Major the pig wanted them to form a rebellion. He thought he was going to die. He told them that animals and birds were their friends and humans were their enemy. Mr. Major died three nights later, so the teaching and organizing was done by the pigs because they were the cleverest. They gave the teachings the name of Animalism. Mr. Jones was sad after losing money in a lawsuit. He started to drink, he was always drunk. He and his workers would leave the animals without food. Mr. Jones got drunk fell asleep and left the animals unfed for days. The animals broke into the shed and got food from the buns. Mr. Jones woke …show more content…
The pigs did not work, they supervise the others. The work on the farm ran smoothly. Sometimes they met with difficulty, but boxer worked harder to make things better. Everyone did their part. Some of them learned to read and some did not. They tried to educate the young animals because they wanted them to know the reason why they did not like the humans. And so that it would go to the future generations. Meanwhile Mr. Jones was complaining about the wrong that was done to him. In October Mr. Jones, his men and others from Foxwood and Pinchfield farms were attempting to recapture the farm. They did not succeed. The animals were prepared and fought them off, killing one. Snowball and Boxer were named animal heroes. Their battle was called the Battle of Cowshed. On October the twelfth every year the anniversary of the Battle of the Cowshed was

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