Essay on Summary Of George Orwell 's ' Curious George

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Every parent tries to teach their children that lying is bad and that you should always be honest and tell the truth, even if you did something wrong. In the Curious George episode, “Curious George discovers the ‘poles”, George has to tell his friend that he accidently lost the tadpoles his friend gave him to look after. George accidently releases them into the lake and tries for the entire episode to find them again so he will not have to tell his friend he lost them. He is very upset through the entire episode, knowing that he will eventually have to tell his friend he lost the tadpoles. George feels bad each time he sees his friend and lies about having the tadpoles. At the end of the episode, George has to tell his friend that he lost them. George’s friend is not mad at him for losing the tadpoles because George told him the truth and because when George let them go, he returned them to their natural habitat where they belonged. Through this, children are taught that telling the truth is rewarding and that lying only causes you to feel sad and guilty. Kids are afraid of the consequences that result from poor choices, so to try and avoid those consequences, they lie. When I was little, I would lie to my parents when I did something I knew I was not supposed to do for that very reason; I was as afraid of my punishment. Except every time I lied, I would feel so bad about it that I would end up telling my mom I had lied or they would find out on their own. Each time they…

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