Essay about Summary Of ' Friends And Foes ' By Joshua Halberstam

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While many recognize certain categories of friendships such as “best friends” or “old friends,” Joshua Halberstam’s chapter, “Friends and Foes,” consists of a deeper look at the assortment of classifications that exist. Halberstam addresses common questions such as “Who are truly my friends?” and “How do I know when a friendship is over?” To many, the chapter may seem well rounded, filled with an array of categorizations and possibilities in friendship. But, with a closer look, Halberstam seems to be missing a key characteristic of all successful relationships. He fails to identify the importance of compassion, understanding, and sympathy in friendship. But most importantly, he fails to discern the crucial role that empathy plays in friendship. Although Halberstam is able to label friendships, he is unable to explain how to cultivate them. While Halberstam leaves the development of friendships open to reader’s interpretations, Roman Krznaric exhibits how to create and nurture such relationships. Granted I can relate to and value the content of Halberstam’s chapter, I am able to recognize that it is indeed, missing something. Through careful examination, I plan to identify the faults that lay within the works of Joshua Halbertsam’s “Friends and Foes,” through comparison to Roman Krznaric’s “How to Start and Empathy Revolution.” Combining the views of Halberstam and Krznaric can ultimately lead to a broader view on the foundations of friendship and, furthermore, shine light…

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