Summary Of Francis Spirito's 'Rags': A Short Story

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As Henry walked down Haussmann Boulevard, his beaten and creaky shoes made a squeak with each step. They were falling apart. Most people around Paris knew Henry Raggle as “Rags”, the homeless war veteran that was almost too poor to eat. His best source of income was begging and gaining information on the Milieu Gang. They were the biggest gang in Paris and people payed for information on their movements. Rags didn’t know much about the gang, but everyone hears rumors and whispers of what the gang will do next. Rags has seen the gang murder before, in an alley on an extremely musky night, two men killed multiple homeless to see what they knew about their organization. All that was spread was that the gang was now run by a new and sturdy boss by the name of Francis Spirito. The gang was mostly known for their drug trade between France and Britain and was now operating in just about every large city in France. They murdered, kidnapped, and stole, sometimes just to send a message to the citizens that they were not going anywhere, anytime soon. Nobody knew what they would do next and most people just tried to stay as out of their way as possible. Francis had taken over the gang only a few short …show more content…
It was dusty and dirty and filled with shelves of old files that looked as if they had been forgotten. Alric quickly scurried over to the a shelf and grabbed on a folder. “Listen closely, this monocle is an important piece of the Milieu history. In 1837 Francis Spirito’s great grandfather, Bayard Spirito, received this monocle for creating the gang and leading it to its glory. He wore it everywhere and conquered Paris, as well as many other major cities in France. It has great value in the Spirito family and they will not stop until they have it and you are dead. You could try dropping it off somewhere but that won’t stop them from killing you. Never come back here again, I do not want to be the next

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