Essay on Summary Of ' Forgiveness ' By Catherine Ann Porter

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Forgiveness is something that many people struggle, and don’t even realize. The effects of not forgiving others can also lead to unhealthy behaviors in ourselves that we don’t even notice. There have been times that I have found it hard to forgive, just like Granny Weatherall from The Jilting of Granny Weatherall, by Catherine Ann Porter. I have been in places where not forgiving others has weighed heavily on my shoulders. We might say we forgive someone and not realize that internally we aren’t even close to forgiveness. And just like granny Weatherall I have tried to make a point of seeming to not care, and inadvertently shown how much I do care. I am sure that I am not the only person to go through similar experiences. As we grow we learn how these repressed feelings cause us to act in ways that keep us from reaching higher levels of happiness.
I remember when I met my high school sweetheart. Steven was my first crush and I had seen him throughout school for years. We started going out in 10th grade and I thought I had met the love of my life. Things went well for the first few months. We spent a lot of time together and spoke for hours on the phone. But after some time, he started drifting away. We would argue and he would disappear for days. When he would come back I would feel happy again, but as it became a repetivie thing it became harder to forgive him. I stopped eating and talking the way I used to. I remember my mother talking to me day in and day out. She began…

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