Summary Of ' Flight `` By Sherman Alexie Essay

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The main character Zits in the novel “Flight” by Sherman Alexie, struggles with where he belongs in the world. He is trapped in a system of greed and trapped within himself by confusion and anger. Zits, as he calls himself, begins to have several jumps into other characters, where he is a part of the body and mind of these characters at different times in history. Each character that Zits inhabits leads him through a journey of life lessons and to the expansion of his mindset and principles. The little Indian boy, the pilot Jimmy, and his father are the most important jumps Zits makes. These jumps force Zits to develop his present ideas about vengeance, brutality, and forgiveness. One of the first characters that Zits occupies is a little Indian boy. At first, he is very unhappy and disapproving and realizes he is nearly naked, hot, and amazed at the stench around him. He is also surrounded by many Indians who are speaking in a language he cannot understand. While this is true he is comforted by the fact that he has an Indian father who cares for him. In the start of the novel Zits talks about his father who has left him when he was born. He constantly attempts to understand this betrayal in the story. While he has a father in this section, one is able to identify Zit’s desires to have a father in his life. It seems to be the only true way he can be happy. Zits says, “This guy loves me… I wonder if this is Heaven”(65). He wants a father and having one is…

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