Summary Of ' Felix ' And ' The Great Gatsby ' By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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It was undoubtedly an ordinary day in the small town of Watford as the jovial Felix Maddox practically gamboled along the sidewalk in the desolate town square. He had just got off of school and decided to take an aimless stroll throughout Watford before going home to his mother and father. The absence of residents did not spark Felix’s never-ending curiosity seeing as the majority of Watford’s population tended to be quite homebodies; however, the thick stack of money lying innocuously on the ground absolutely did.
Felix halted in his tracks, pausing and considering the options flying through this creative imaginative mind. The first thought that came to mind was to return it to its rightful owner, of course; Felix was never one to be raised to selfishly take other people’s belongings. While he mulled over this option, he realized whoever dropped the money probably isn’t coming back for it since he hasn’t seen anyone out in the town square in the last 20 minutes he’s been wandering around.
After a solid five minutes of mentally debating his best options, Felix slowly started moving towards the cash as if the green bills would suddenly disappear if he approached it too hastily. He finally stood before the bundle of dollars and snatched it from the washed out concrete ground, testing if it was indeed corporeal. Once Felix felt the surreal weight of an estimated $10,000, he instantly felt a wave of newfound excitement and anxiety pour through every nerve ending in his young,…

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