Dr. Coleman Chapter Summary

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Dr. Coleman discusses Jesus with his audience. Jesus is considered by some the greatest of evangelist. He has been the New Testament model for discipling people. Jesus’s model of discipleship also equipped the individuals that he was in contact with, the tools to continue on after he was to leave and rejoined the father. This book review will critique the work of Dr. Coleman.
The book outline eight ideas that Dr. Coleman deems important as it relates to the ministry of Jesus Christ. These ideas are arranged into chapters. Chapter one or the first idea centered on how Jesus chose the twelve. It is worth noting that Jesus didn’t take into account how these men would fit the surrounding culture, he chose them because he knew that once trained these men would have people follow them and not vice versa. Chapter spoke about the training that this men received. Jesus didn’t mandate that they read
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Dr. Coleman stated that one of Jesus’s attributes was that he knew he would be emulated and followed. This is the reason that he lead the way, this is the reason why he is constantly speaking to our souls in the hopes that we would be convicted of our sins. The idea that people will follow you is something that if done properly, the master plan will lend itself to that.
This text does a wonderful join in presenting the concept of discipleship to the masses. Dr. Coleman aside from the omission of the centralized message accomplished what he set up to do. Our churches today are not structured the right way. Most of them seem to have a program that they can buy. They seem to want the answers given to them and think less. The classes for discipleship are not very long but there is an expectation of going into the neighborhood with confidence. This book goes a long way into helping as it relates to the principles but it will be up to the individual to seek further

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