Essay on Summary Of ' Don 't Lose Heart '

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“Don’t lose heart. There is a force within you that is more powerful than any adversity or problem you face.” This quote is absolutely right. Every single person on this planet sustains a strength that outweighs all of their adversities. Everybody should understand and remember this quote throughout their life.
People believe that their heartbeat and their life are related. People also believe that if their heart beat didn’t go up and down they would not be surviving. Then why do they expect their life to be perfect? Why don’t people understand that one cannot live without ups and downs in their life? Not a single person on this planet is born perfect or have accomplished their living without facing an adversity. Life is a constant change from good times to bad times. That being said if you haven’t faced an adversity yet, you are going to face one pretty soon. When you do face one just remember this: “Always seek out the seed of triumph in every adversity”- Og Mandino.
I was habituate to think that life is accomplished when you induce zero downs in your lifespan. This mentation didn’t bide with me for too long.
I immigrated to Canada in May 3rd, 2011. The first week, my family and I roamed around in Edmonton. I started getting bored during the second week. I told my dad about that, and he granted me suggestion to join a school. At this point of time, my family and I weren’t sure if we desired to stay in Canada or no. Anyways, I thought about the suggestion my dad gave me…

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