Summary Of ' Don 't Bother Me Ariel Essay examples

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Maliki lay on his uncomfortable bed staring at the ceiling, just like he had every single night since Erin left. If only he had done things differently. He could tell from her scribed message she was jealous of the other tributes. How absurd was that? He needed to keep her talking about their relationship, and get her to forget the other tributes. It wasn’t difficult, he already had.
His communication box beeped. He opened it and stated flatly, “Don’t bother me Ariel. Nothing in the human realm is coming together for me.”
Erin’s voice came through the box. “You are here…in the human world?”
Maliki sat straight up, and his chest seized. His words didn’t come out like he intended.
“I only have two contacts in my communication boxy. I didn’t know it was configured for talking to you. I thought we could only scribe. I hope you know, I would never call you by another woman’s name. That’s very disrespectful…”
Erin cut in, “Calm down big guy. It was just a misunderstanding. So what are you doing here?”
“Naturally I came to see you…I…didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.”
“Sorry about that. I kind of panicked when Jade arrived.”
“Again, I don’t wish to waste our time talking about other females. Can we talk about us?”
“There isn’t an us anymore.”
Maliki’s throat closed up. He swallowed hard and replied, “Perhaps we could talk about what we liked about spending time together.”
He desperately hoped that if she wasn’t willing to entertain the idea of them being…

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