Analysis Of The Article Depression: Not A Part Of Aging

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In the article “Depression: not a normal part of aging” the author, Honor Whiteman, introduces the fact that depression is not natural aspect of growing old. She goes into detail explaining why we see depression among most seniors. She then explains the causes and thoroughly covers how to prevent depression from affecting seniors. Throughout the article, Whiteman makes it clear that depression is not supposed to be a pattern among seniors.
To begin the text, Whiteman presents many factors that most people face as they grow old. She brings up lack of income and loss of loved ones as examples and links them to cause depression among anybody. Yet, these mostly affect older people and therefore bring depression to many seniors. She continues and
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Whiteman shows that adults face many issues as they mature. Many develop other health problems like arthritis, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and heart disease. These illnesses are difficult to adapt to and increase the chances of developing depression. Another element that leads to depression is retirement. Adults retire once they reach a certain age and Whiteman links it to cause depression. She rationalizes that retirement disconnects adults from human interaction, which cause depression. When adults retire, they usually lose the relationships they had among the workplace. So adults no longer talk to their work friends and lose their entire social life. The article brings up the fact that lack of social contact is a major cause of depression. Therefore, since growing adults face multiple issues that are all linked to depression, there is a greater probability for them to develop …show more content…
I though exactly as the article claimed. I imagined that becoming old included getting depressed. This article made it clear that it’s not obligational for one to fall into depression as they become older. It’s evident that the many situations that a person encounters become harder and harder to handle as they grow older. These situations build up and can damage a person and cause them to become depressed. It is easy to understand this problem, yet I feel it’s hard to solve. Nowadays, many older people do not relate too much with the younger generations and therefore lose a lot of social interaction with their family. Even though they usually lose most of their social life after retiring, many would claim that family is always there. Yet, as I brought up, not many seniors interact with younger generations, especially since most young adults are busy with school or working. People in today’s society don’t have much spare time, and when there is time, they hardly ever spend it with older people. Since the public is too busy to notice the signs of depression among the old, I agree with the article when it claims that a good way to prevent depression is to seek help. They must not accept depression and understand that it is a real health condition and not just a normal thing that just

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