Essay on Summary Of ' Death ' By Shelly Kagan

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Shelly Kagan’s book “Death,” unravels one of the constant pursuance of humanity: planning our lives according to our needs and desires without thinking that death could be an interruption. Some people commence planning their lives at a young age by attending grade school because they are preparing themselves for high school, which then prepares them for college, for the one hope to achieve their ideal career goals and aspirations. Since there is no way we can stop death from interfering with our lives, would it not be nice to know when we will actually die so that we could then plan accordingly? Many would disagree that it is a pleasant idea, because they may believe that by knowing their time of death, they will fall into a nightmare of constant paranoia. However, that should not be the case, it is better to live not knowing our death because it allows us to truly enjoy life. In the first part of the essay I will exemplify Kagan’s ideology behind the conflict that arises from the unpredictability of death. I will also argue why the unpredictability of death should not be considered an issue. In the second part of the essay, I will explain why I personally would not prefer to know the exact date and time of my death.
Kagan’s thoughts on the unpredictability of death Individuals are always seeking an ideal life where they desire everything bad and painful to come first. After all the terrible times of constant pain we want the glory. We would rather experience our worst…

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