Essay on Summary Of ' Dead Poets Society '

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Dead Poets Society is a 1989 film about a literature teacher named Mr. Keating who changes the lives of his students at Welton Academy. He tells them, "Carpe, carpe diem, seize the day boys, make your lives extraordinary." This one line sets up the central theme for the entire movie: carpe diem. The film focuses on the idea of taking control of your own life and living each day to its fullest. All of the main characters in the movie express the theme of carpe diem, but a few of the characters embrace this idea in their lives more than others. Mr. Keating, Todd, and Neil are the characters that believed and demonstrated the idea of carpe diem most throughout the film. Mr. John Keating is the most obvious example of a character seizing the day in Dead Poets Society. He is the one who first introduces the boys to the main theme of carpe diem. He teaches the boys not to conform to society 's view and shows them that they are individuals who must take control of their own lives if they ever want to leave their mark on the world. His teaching is done not only through his words; it is also done through his actions. His drive for teaching and the passion that he shows speaks volumes to the boys on the importance of seizing the day and making their own choices. The definite contrast between the strict, traditional school and the unconventional, boisterous Mr. Keating further enhances the main theme of the film. Mr. Keating is much happier and more carefree which highlights how…

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