Summary Of ' Coming Home ' Essay

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Coming Home

Years ago, a long time before somebody wrote the song, I read a story about a boy who had caused his parents a lot of heartache. He had done just about everything possible to bring grief to the hearts of his mother and father. Finally, he left home and moved from one place to another until he was a great distance from home. For several years he lived a rebellious and low life.

Then, one day he came to himself while thinking about home and those thoughts were pleasant to him. That tells us a lot about that home doesn’t it? After he thought about his home for a while, he decided he wanted to go back home. He wanted that love that he had abandoned a long time back.

He wrote a letter to his mother and father and told them that he wanted to come home. He said, “I know that I have done wrong and I have hurt you. I’m sorry for that. I wish I could undo all those things, but I can’t and if you don’t want me to come back home I’ll understand. I won’t wait for your answer in a letter. I already have passage on the train and it will arrive next Thursday. Just so I will know: if it’s alright for me to come home, just tie a white rag on the old oak tree down by the tracts. If a white rag is there, I’ll get off the train and come home, but if there is no white rag on the tree I’ll respect your decision. I will remain on the train and I won’t bother you again.”

Well, the young man boarded the train to begin his long trip home. A few days later, he…

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