Summary Of Chinua Achebe 's ' The Great Gatsby ' Essay example

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Kwame Achebe lives in Nigeria and growing up he desired to escape his struggling lifestyle by playing in a basketball tournament and showing off his magnificent skills to the American recruits. Kwame made his grandmother two promises that he vowed to keep forever. The first promise was to stay in straight and go to school. The second promise was to never end up like his old man. From watching his grandma everyday Kwame understands that hard work and dedication will bring success. However, he starts to head down the wrong path with this gangster named Olu, He begins with success through a different lens; one that emphasizes evil. Kwame falls under this tension because he is in desperate need of new shoes for basketball, and lost hope in his father sending him money. Kwame should make a better decision when trying to be successful because his actions will come back and haunt him.

One argument is that Kwame’s grandmother only wants what 's best for him. This is supported when Kwame is outside stretching and his younger sister brings him food and starts to talk to him about how grandmother loves them. Kwame sits down next his sister and says: “All grandmother wants from us is to be teachers, she thinks that she works like a slave”. Here, Kwame does not understand what his grandmother goes through on a daily basis to make sure they are taking care of. Kwame should really be grateful for his grandmother and what she does for him because not all children in Nigeria have…

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