To Kill A Mockingbird Chapter 1-15

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This chapter of the story begins with Scout and Jem making their way to town to buy a baton for Scout among other things. They pass Mrs. Dubose’s house. She is sitting on the porch and begins to make snarky comments about the Finch family. On their way back from town Jem is unable to act responsibly and this results in him destroying Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes. Prior to this Atticus had warned the kids to act nicely to Mrs. Dubose because she is an ill elderly lady. When Atticus returns home he asks them what happened and Jem tells him what happened. Atticus tells Jem to go and apologize. When Jem comes back he complains that Mrs. Dubose wants him to read to her, to make it up to her. He must go to her house daily for a month and read to her. Scout goes with Jem and they deal with the mean remarks she continually says to the kids. They realize that each day is …show more content…
He went inside and looked at the door and told her that it was fine. The house was empty and suddenly she grabbed him and hugged him. Then she harassed Tom. He tried escape but she blocking the door. Mayella’s father had seen what she had done and shouted some hateful language directed to his daughter. This gave Tom the opportunity to get away. Mr. Gilmer began to question Tom’s story. He was asked why he would constantly help Mayella, especially because he was not getting paid, Tom replied that he felt bad and sorry for her. Throughout the entire questioning Mr. Gilmer would address Tom with “boy”. Suddenly Dill began to cry, Scout took him outside, once they left the courtroom she asked him why he was upset. He said the way the prosecutor was treating Tom was not a way anyone should be treated. Scout began telling Dill that he was doing his job. Dill told her he acted that way because Tom was a coloured man. Mr. Dolphus Raymond made his way toward the children as they were still under a

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