Summary Of Chapter Of To Kill A Mockingbird

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This chapter of the story begins with Scout and Jem making their way to town to buy a baton for Scout among other things. They pass Mrs. Dubose’s house. She is sitting on the porch and begins to make snarky comments about the Finch family. On their way back from town Jem is unable to act responsibly and this results in him destroying Mrs. Dubose’s camellia bushes. Prior to this Atticus had warned the kids to act nicely to Mrs. Dubose because she is an ill elderly lady. When Atticus returns home he asks them what happened and Jem tells him what happened. Atticus tells Jem to go and apologize. When Jem comes back he complains that Mrs. Dubose wants him to read to her, to make it up to her. He must go to her house daily for a month and read to …show more content…
One evening Heck Tate and multiple men amongst him come to the Finch household, they talk to Atticus, concerning Tom Robinson. They say that Tom needs to be moved to Maycomb jail. Heck Tate says there will be complications from this. Another night Atticus tells the kids he needs to leave and will return home late at night. After their bedtime Scout, Jem and Dill sneak out and try to find Atticus because Jem had a weird feeling about the situation. Eventually they find Atticus sitting outside of the jail, reading. Suddenly multiple cars pull up and many men get out of the cars. They are starting to talk to Atticus when Scout comes out of hiding and runs up to the group. Atticus asks Jem to take the others back home, he refuses. Then Scout looks around and realizes she only knows one of the men in the whole group, Mr. Cunningham. She begins to talk to him and she asks him to say hi to his son for her. After the awkward conversation between them the group disperses and they all leave. When the others had left, Tom asks Atticus if he is okay now and Atticus replies that he is now. Mr. Underwood, also a new character we meet, he is a newspaper writer. Mr Underwood shows up at the window. He is carrying a gun and tells Atticus that he would have had his back if something had happened. After this, they all went back …show more content…
Dolphus Raymond has walked over to the kids and he agrees with Dill, he says that coloured people are human as well, and most white people do not realize this while talking to them. Mr. Raymond is disliked because he is a white man who married a black women and his kids are a mix between both ethnicities. People also believe that he is always drunk, but this is not true. Scout and Dill learn that he is not a drunk, he just drinks pop. He tells the kids, he lets people believe that he is a drunk man so they would have something to blame for his lifestyle. A little while later Scout and Dill go back into the courtroom and Atticus is finishing up his speech.

Thinking Question

Why are coloured people considerably less rude and mean to white people.This is shown when Tom helps Mayella for free on many

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