Summary Of Chapter 1 To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chapter 1:
#1 a) “Tired old town” (pg. 5) b) “Maycomb County had recently been told that it had nothing fear but fear itself” (pg. 6) c) “nothing to buy and no money to buy with it” (pg. 6)
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#5 Atticus compromise to Scout is that Scout can keep on reading at home with him, but she can’t tell her teacher that she is.

Chapter 4:
#1 Scout doesn’t like the teacher because she tells her that she’s not allowed to read or right in first grade and Scout doesn’t like her fellow classmates.

#2 I think the gum and pennies are coming from either Boo or a mocking bird. I think Boo because its his house and a mocking bird because its in the title of a story.

#3 She doesn’t want to get in trouble with Atticus and because she afraid of one she heard someone laughing in the Radley house.

Chapter 5:
#1 Miss Maudie is a very friendly and warmth person. She hated staying at her house, she is widow, loved flowers and plants, likes baking, gold filling in her teeth and Baptist. She is very nice and friendly to Scout and Jem.

#2 Miss Maudie was putting down a specific baptist point of view in which they person takes everything from the bible literally and believe that gods rules are the only
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#2 He suggests that Scout is too much of a girl to handle this type of thing.
#3 This have show us that Jem and Atticus have a very good relationship, where Jem would not want to get Atticus angry and dis-trust Jem. That also show us he care about the relationship.

Chapter 7:
#1 Jem’s pants were poorly sewn and neatly folded when he went back to get them. This scared him because he that Radley knew that he’d come back for his pants.

#2 It represented Boo's friendly connection with the Finch children. Everyone thought Boo was a fearsome, crazy 'phantom' and awful rumors were spread around about him. In actual fact, Boo was a nice person, except he didn't have any contact with the outside world. He left gifts in the knothole for Jem and Scout to find, because he wanted to express his friendship.

#3 Jem had asked Mr. Nathan why he filled the hold with cement, and his reply is that the tree is dying, and cement will prevent from growing. But Jem afterward have consult Atticus, and Atticus that the tree look heathy. And now Jem realize Mr. Nathan are trying to prevent his brother Boo from pursuing the

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