Essay on Summary Of ' Capote 's ' Cold Blood '

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Brief Summary and “Arrangement” of Book
Capote’s In Cold Blood is a nonfiction book chronicling the murder and investigation behind the 1959 Clutter homicide. On the very first page there is a short page on Truman Capote, and his achievements. The book itself is divided into four parts: the Last to See Them Alive, Persons Unknown, The Answer, and the Corner. These are then divided into untitled chapters. The point-of-view switches between various characters such as Mr. Clutter, Nancy, Perry, Dick, Detective Dewey, etc.
The Last to See Them Alive
The story begins in the sleepy town of Holcomb, Kansas, where Herbert Clutter wakes up on the last day of his life. Nancy (his daughter) gets a call from her friend Susan, and discusses her father’s disapproval of her relationship. She also confides that she feels something is wrong. Nancy’s mother is introduced; she is a depressing, mentally-unstable woman.
Meanwhile, Dick and Perry are preparing for their trek. They fix up their car and buy supplies. Mr. Herb—a valued member of society –drives Ms. Ashida home. She tells him she could be moving. She is also one of the last people to see him.
Switch back to Dick/Perry- Now they are headed to Holcomb. They stop along the way to buy rubber gloves and rope.
Kenyon Clutter is working on a hope chest in the basement. He talks to Mr. Helms outside about the insurance agency man that met with Mr. Clutter.
Dick and Perry stop again to buy black stockings, and Perry thinks about…

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