Summary Of ' Can I Go Shower Now? Essay

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Shelly was as stunned as everyone else. She grinned broadly. “I didn’t mean to.” She finally let Alex go. His eyes scanned the faces of all the girls. At the moment, he didn’t feel any real emotion, but he knew that was going to change. He asked Mindy, “Can I go shower now?”

We all know that Mindy was typically merciless, but this was something special. She already felt her typical guilt, but magnified by this masculine miracle. Just as much though, she also felt a sense of gratitude towards Alex. “Sure. Go ahead.”

He shuffled past his audience. Reggie said, “I can go too?”

“No,” Shelly said. “You stay where you are. Alex is done, but I’m not. Can one of you girls go get me a towel so that I can clean that up?”

“You’re not going to do it are you?” Allison asked.

“I earned it.” Shelly smiled almost viciously. She didn’t see it as a distasteful thing. It was similar to claiming a trophy. Greta had scampered off quickly to get a towel. Shelly didn’t do a real thorough cleaning job, but she did wipe away the obvious traces. She tossed that towel aside and acted perfectly casual as she turned back to Ron and Max.

“Where were we?” She looked them over. They weren’t naked yet. They still had on their jockstraps and their hats of course.

Max asked, “You mean we’re not done?” He had hoped that Alex’s accident would end the whole thing.

Shelly replied, “The interview’s not quite over. I still have a couple questions.”

Mindy told them, “You’re going to have to get those off…

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